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Gourmet Escapes offers editorial commentary across restaurants and hotels in the same space, aimed at people who want to keep ahead on the latest trends in fine food, and stay notified of some great deals at Michelin starred restaurants and hotels both in the UK, Europe and further afield.

We aim to provide you with expert analysis of regular gourmet inspired offerings.  From undiscovered, luxury destinations, with a gourmet twist, gastronomic master classes, world renowned design-inspired hotels, and restaurants, to some of the most sensational spa retreats in which to rejuvenate in style.

Gourmet Escapes offers you exclusive access to some of the World's finest wine tastings, super-swanky suites, premium events, and VIP treatment deserving of the level you expect.

We aim to cater to a range of discerning tastes, wherever in the World you care to try out something innovative and exciting, in style.

Gourmet Escapes aims to cater for a range of tuned in tastes, wherever in the world, you care to try something new.  We can bring you some of the most luxurious and discerning destinations at competitive rates, offer insight on where to host that special event through our partners, and offer you trade secrets and recipes from some of the Worlds' leading chefs and cocktail mixologists, so you can plan your dinner party perfectly.

Finally, as a last warm welcome to a window on the World's most luxurious gourmet hideaways, we can tempt your taste buds closer to home with trade secrets from some of the World's leading chefs, and recipes from some of the classiest cocktail mixologists, so you need look no further than us.

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Sandrine Lester

Manging Director, Gourmet Escapes.

Gourmet Escapes