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Revisan Ibericos

11 February 2020
REVISAN S.L. Sierra de Herreros 9, Polígono Agroalimentario 37770 Guijuelo (Salamanca), Spain. P.O.B. 18
+34 (0)923 580 748

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Epicurean Palates

Spain’s recognised quality producer of speciality cured hams – from Iberican corn fed pigs. These pigs are farmed in Guijelo’s privileged climatic conditions, and cured using authentic, traditional methods.  The hams are farmed from 4 types of Iberian breed.  These pigs roam free, and feed off acorns to fatten up their rears; helping to produce hams, filled with aromas of salt, texture and flavour.

Revisan Ibericos employs the latest technological innovation to ensure that their products achieve the level of production capacity to serve both retail and distribution markets.  They also ensure that they maintain the level of artisan curing that has been passed down by centuries, so authenticity and taste is not compromised.



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