Palazzo Venart In Venice Exudes Palatial Michelin Opulency



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Palazzo Venart In Venice Exudes Palatial Michelin Opulency

4 February 2020

A stunning testimony to grand dining straight out of an art historian’s handbook; the palatial Palazzo Venart offers the discerning traveller a 2 star Michelin experience of a lifetime.   Step back into time to uncover the exquisitely crafted and ornate frescoes, set amidst its palatial interiors that combine to create a glorious reconstruction of renaissance interiors within a carefully conserved 16th Century building.  The opulent interiors adorned with gilt edged ceilings, velvet chaises longues, and rich intricately brocaded fabrics, extend this luxurious theme throughout the hotel’s public and private quarters – since its’ sympathetic but elaborately extravagant refurbishment by leading hotelier group Taiwanese LDC.

To get more of a carefree and relaxed space, the charm and character of the courtyard area; offers a lot more time to take you back through the interesting aspects that you’ve come across throughout the day, and ponder on where to go next, whilst you walk through the tranquil gardens that offer some of the most stunning views across Venice’s Grand canal.

The positioning of this centrally placed gastronomic haven make it well placed to take in the sights that surround St Mark’s Square since its’ just 10 minutes walk away – yet offering calm, tranquility and escapism from it.   The 2 star Michelin restaurant ‘Glam’ pays homage to one of the youngest Michelin star chefs Enrico Bardolini, aged 26, responsible for already attaining 5 Michelin stars at the restaurants he’s worked in.  Eating here is an elaborately exquisite experience not to be missed, if you care for simple, traditional, well constructed dishes, with a slight edge, within the confines of an elegant dining space.